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01 / FAST

"Its not the big that eat the small its the fast that eat the slow" In the new age of disruption speed is your competitive weapon. We understand editors want results and they want those results fast. In this Matrix is unrivalled - with our urgent call out service one of our team can have eyes on target within a matter of minutes and our field tested delivery platforms ensure your content is delivered on time ready for distribution. 


We've got the industry 'know how' and skill sets coupled with the tenacity to ensure your brief is fulfilled effectively and your Editor satisfied. With an unmatched success rate Matrixnews puts you at the pointy end of the spear. We're your best chance of success no matter how complex the brief or how remote the location and chances are we've already been there and done it before.   

03 / EASY

As your strategic partner we're here to take the guess work out of the story and make the task easy. Thats the defining difference with Matrixnews. With years of real world experience under our belt our insights, strategies and SOP's give you peace of mind the job is being handled right from the the get go, on time and on budget. 



Matrixnews brings together some of Australia's most experienced photojournalists, investigative journalists and videographers to offer an unrivalled outsourcing service providing optimum results within budget and timeframe for the most complex briefs.

Our dedicated 'results orientated' team has the expertise to handle any brief from small 'day rate' style assignments to highly complex ongoing discreet tasks requiring specialised 'skill sets' in often sensitive and arduous environments. 

"When it comes to 'breaking news' deadlines Matrix understands the need for rapid deployment and accurate real time reporting"

Matrix offers a 24/7 boots on the ground service for those breaking news assignments requiring immediate deployment both locally and internationally. Whether you require a photographer on standby and ready to travel or a 'run and gun' video unit we've got a solution for every brief. 








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